Lighting System

Our wide range of lighting equipments are trussing, LED par{3wat. RGBW}, SGM Follow spot & Avolight Pearl 2010 light Controller.

Images for Moving Light are Shown Below.

  •   Moving light (Beam 300)
  •   LED Moving Head wash on stage & Audience


  Moving light

(Beam 300)

  LED Moving Head

(wash on stage & Audience

  Sound System

Our wide range of Sound System are JBL VRX 932 LA, JBL VRX 915, EAW LA 215, M-7 CL, MH-2, LAB GRUPPEN FP+1000, Crown i-tech 4000.

Some Sound Systems' Images are shown below.

  •  DAS AERO 50
  •  Martin Audio W8Ic  
  •  EAW JFL210
  •  MH-2 Mixing Console
  •  M-7 CL Digital Mixing Console



flying speakers for open Air Large venue for longer throw of sound and loud music concerts.
Powerd by labgruppen amplification racks.

  Martin Audio W8Ic

line array the most natural sounding flying speaker system for the people who appreciate music.
Powerd by camco & QSC amplification racks.

  EAW JFL210

Powerful & compact for small gatherings indoor and outdoor applications for bands, Indian music, jazz and classical concerts.

  MH-2 Mixing Console

(wash on stage & Audience

  M-7 CL Digital Mixing   Console

(Beam 300)